Schumacher Centre is a leading Delhi-based organisation that promotes rural Indian livelihood through expertise and action.

India has 600,000 villages within its borders. The poverty seen in our cities is driven by the drift of people from these rural areas. Gandhi himself said "if the villages perish, India will perish”.


An India where all people have the opportunity to live with dignity and livelihood security


To create sustainable livelihood opportunities for all with the use of appropriate technology and tri sector partnership

Sister Organizations

Schumacher Centre’s valued sister organisation in the UK, Jeevika Trust, provides a constant and direct link between our work and British business, political figures and fundraisers. Jeevika Trust’s website is


We tackle rural Indian poverty through collaborative efforts and the forging of effective networks. Schumacher Centre has worked with a wide range of organisations including:

Our Focus

These areas of focus cause us to concentrate mainly on rural poor women, Scheduled Castes and India’s tribal communities.


Schumacher Centre is based in locations across India, from the political heart of Delhi to rural areas of various states. This reach is vital for our pledge to link India’s rural poor with government, big business and the civil sector.

Our HQ is in the south of New Delhi. The location is central to government and donor offices, 10km from the city’s main railway station, and 8km from the domestic airport.

State offices :

Schumacher Centre also has state offices in Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka.